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     The All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics (ARDLIFE) is the largest state specialist economics institution in Russia.
     ARDLIFE has a license from the RF Ministry of Education and state accreditation.

     Teaching is carried out in four faculties:
  • Finance and Credit
  • Accounting and Statistics
  • Management and Marketing
  • Continuous education
     The full length of training is five and a half years.
     For persons who have secondary professional educationin economics, the length is three and a half or four and a half years.

     Finance and credit faculty offers training to economists in the following specializations:
       - State and municipal finances,
       - Taxes and taxation,
       - Banking business,
       - Insurance,
       - Securities market and stock business,
       - Financial management.

     Accounting and statistics faculty offers training to economists and accountants with higher qualifications, who can organize and control accounting procedures in organizations with any type of ownership.

     Faculty of management and marketing offers training to economists in four specialisms:
       - management,
       - marketing,
       - state and municipal management,
       - labour economics and sociology.

     Faculty of continuous education has one-year courses for specialists with secondary professional economic education, for subsequent training at branch faculties in the chosen speciality, beginning from the third year.

     For persons who have higher education, the institute carries out target training of higher qualification economists in the following specializations:
       - finance and credit,
       - business accounting and audit,
       - management,
       - marketing.

     The training lasts three years.

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